Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant

Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant


Hair sparseness and baldness have started to be seen at young ages today. Changes in lifestyle increased stress factors, the insufficient nutritional content of the foods consumed and many other factors have brought the age of hair loss earlier. The hair loss problem has also started to be seen frequently for young names in the world of celebrities. Among these names, MGK, with its full stage name Machine Gun Kelly, took on a new style with hair transplantation and proved the success of hair transplant.

History of MGK Hair Transplantation Process

Famous rap artist MGK is one of the names who encountered the problem of hair loss at an early age. The famous rapper, who experienced hair loss in his early twenties, began to lose his hairline from his temporal side. At the age of 24, he was in front of the screen with his short and sparse hair, but at the age of 25, he suddenly started to show up with his bushy and natural-looking hair. This sudden change, noticed by his fans, brought to mind that MGK had a hair transplant. Although it is recommended to wait for older ages for a hair transplant, it can be performed even at an early age in cases of severe hair loss like Machine Gun Kelly.

Which Hair Transplant Method Did MGK?

At the time when the famous rapper had a hair transplant, the FUE method was popular as it is today. The FUE method is one of the most preferred methods due to the fact that it is performed without creating any incisions in the head area. The grafts taken from the nape of the MGK were transferred to the temple area and the upper part of the head. Before the transfer, the young singer's new hairline was determined and transplantation was carried out according to this determined line.

MGK Hair Transplant Before and After


After MGK hair transplantation, the famous artist continues to appear in front of the screens with his natural-looking bushy hair. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we show the patient how our patients will look after the hair transplant procedure with the drawings we make. In addition, we inform patients about what will happen during the process.


For a successful procedure like that of MGK, hair transplantation should be done at a professional address such as Pure Line Clinic ®. A coordinated study should be carried out with specialist physicians and hair transplant technicians. Despite his young age, MGK still shows up with his bushy and strong hair today without experiencing any new hair loss. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we promise our patients a successful hair transplant operation like Machine Gun Kelly's with the high-quality service we offer.

How Many Grafts Can Be Applied in a Single Session?

Although Machine Gun Kelly does not talk about the hair transplant he had, hair transplant specialists can understand how many grafts were transferred to the famous singer. It is thought that the hairline is created by transferring grafts between 2000 and 2500. Thanks to the fact that the hair growth of the famous singer was not very advanced, the number of grafts up to 2500 was sufficient to obtain the desired result. The number of grafts applied in a single session is also taken into account when performing a procedure professionally.


Some clinics plant up to 7000 grafts. However, studies show that the number of 7000 is too much for a single session. Pure Line Clinic ® transfers close to 5000 grafts in a single session. In this way, each transplanted graft can be sufficiently nourished by the scalp and the grafts can be adopted by the scalp. If more grafts are needed in the treatment, the hair transplant process should be completed in multiple sessions. People with baldness in restricted areas such as Machine Gun Kelly can achieve the hair of their dreams after a single session.


The rapid change of MGK proves the success of the FUE method. The famous rapper had the same hair structure as when he first appeared a year. 1.5 months after the application, while the transplanted hair falls out, new hair starts to grow between 4 and 6 months. One year after the hair transplant procedure, people have strong and lively-looking hair. For people who experience hair loss at an early age, the result of Machine Gun Kelly is a promising and exemplary hair transplant treatment result. Pure Line Clinic ® carries out hair transplant treatment for every individual with health conditions starting from the age of 18.

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