Can Stress Cause Hair Loss ?

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss ?


Hair loss can occur due to some diseases or genetic reasons that you are not aware of, as well as the stresses of daily life. This hair loss, which can be seen in both men and women, can negatively affect your psychological structure and self-confidence. When we look at the underlying causes of hair loss, it has been proven that one of the most important factors causing hair loss is stress. Now, let's examine the effect of stress on hair loss together.

What is the Relationship Between Stress and Hair Loss?

Stress is a problem that many people often face. Work-life, economic difficulties, family problems, and many different health-related problems can cause stress. Stress not only affects people psychologically but also negatively affects hair health. For this reason, hair loss problems may occur due to stress.


In stress-related hair problems seen in both men and women, the hair weakens, becomes weak, and begins to fall out. In addition, conditions such as genetic factors, diet, and drug use also increase hair loss.


One of the most common causes of hair loss is undoubtedly stress. This stress has caused intense hair loss in many people. Hair loss at an early age is a condition encountered in people who live under intense stress with certain worries. Changing this situation and getting rid of stress is very difficult because it depends on environmental factors rather than the initiative of the individual.

How Does Stress-Related Hair Loss Happen?

Stress, which is a factor that directly affects body health, also greatly affects hair health. Under intense stress, the hormonal balance in the body changes, and hair follicles are damaged. As a result, stress-related hair loss occurs.


These hair losses can occur for a short or long time depending on the stress level. Stress-related hair loss may occur as a result of busy work life and responsibilities, as well as factors such as divorce and health problems that accelerate hair loss

How to Prevent Stress-Related Hair Loss?

To prevent stress-related hair loss, it is necessary to eliminate the stress factors first. Moreover, it is necessary to stay away from hair styling processes and chemical products that cause hair loss in this process.


You can also strengthen your hair and prevent it from falling out by using natural mixtures that you can make at home. Despite all these things, if your stress-related hair loss problem is intense, you can benefit from different hair transplantation techniques.


On the other hand, nutritional habit is also an important factor in the prevention of hair loss. You can support your hair health by eating foods that are rich in terms omega 3, protein, and fatty acids. In addition, products containing zinc such as milk, cheese, and yogurt also nourish hair follicles. By trying to stay away from stress and paying attention to your diet, you can reduce the rate of hair loss.

Treatment Methods That Can Be Applied for Hair Loss?

In recent years, with the effect of the coronavirus, human health has been affected both physically and psychologically. As a result of job losses, weakening of social relations, and health problems, the hair health of people who were under emotional stress deteriorated.

If you are going through a stressful period, your hair growth cycle may be adversely affected and you may encounter the problem of hair loss over time. So what should you do to prevent this? The most popular treatment types against hair loss are;

  • Drug Therapy
  • Hair Mesotherapy
  • Hair Transplantation

Now let's get to know these 3 main methods used in hair treatment more closely.


Drug Therapy: To prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair, you can start a drug treatment process under a doctor's supervision with ministry-approved drugs. With this treatment method, you can increase the number of hair follicles, make your hair strands thicker, and prevent further shedding of your existing hair. You can get information about many hair clinics by researching on the internet.


Hair Mesotherapy: Hair mesotherapy, which is applied to restore hair that has lost its volume, provides the vitamin and mineral support needed by the hair follicle, allowing you to have healthy hair. Mesotherapy stops hair loss and triggers hair regrowth by increasing the blood supply and nutrition of the scalp. The combination of PRP / mesotherapy treatment in stress-related hair loss gives good results.


Durableness of treatment and patient-doctor compliance positively affects the results of the treatment. Therefore, we recommend the application of hair mesotherapy to bring back the shedding hair and support the hair with the necessary vitamins and minerals.


Hair Transplantation: The most preferred method for hair loss problems and aesthetic repair is the hair transplantation method. In recent years, hair transplant centers have become very popular in terms of quality and cost. Before deciding hair transplant center, you should choose the one which has well-equipped criteria and specialist doctors in hair transplantation.Our technicians at Pure Line Clinic ® are well equipped and explain all the pros and cons of any transplant procedure before acting.
For more details, visit us at Pure Line Clinic ® or, if you need more information or have questions regarding the hair transplantation procedure, you can ask anytime; our consultation team will help you decide to finalise hair transplantation.

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