How to Remove Scabs After the Hair Transplant?

How to Remove Scabs After the Hair Transplant?


Hair transplant surgery is not an easy operation. In this operation, you both get tired and worn out physically and your scalp is worn out. The reason for the wear of the scalp in the hair transplantation process is the thousands of channels opened in this region.

Even in a simple hair transplant, around 2500-3000 grafts are taken from the donor area and transplanted to the bald areas on the head. Therefore, a channel is opened in the head for each graft. The blood flowing through these channels coagulates and dries up, causing scabbing.
We can say the same things for the cultivation area. Unless the DHI hair transplantation technique is used in the operation, a channel is opened for each graft in the transplantation area. Just like in the donor area, some bleeding occurs in the channels opened in the bald area. This blood dries on the scalp and creates scabbing.
Since you will not be able to contact your hair and scalp with water for at least 1 day after the operation, it is not possible to stop this bleeding by washing immediately after the surgery. During this time, the blood naturally turns into scabs.


When Does Scabbing Occur on the Head?

After hair transplantation, scab formation begins with blood flowing during the operation. As we mentioned above, the reason for scabbing is the coagulation of blood during the hair transplant operation. For this reason, the blood clots and dries up when the hair transplant surgery is over. Then it turns to scab appearance.

How to Wash Hair After the Hair Transplant Surgery?

The scab removal process after hair transplantation begins with the first hair wash on the third day following the surgery. The first hair wash is done by expert hands at the hair transplant center where the hair transplant is done. The success of the first wash and subsequent washes is very important in cleaning the scabs quickly and healthily. To prevent scabbing after hair transplantation from damaging the transplanted hair, first week washes should be done as described below:
1-) Before washing, a large amount of softening lotion should be applied to both the transplant area and the donor area. Then you should wait for at least 15 minutes.
2-) The softening creams used in these delicate washes, which last until the scabs are cleared, should consist of ready-made lotion such as we give.
3-) The purpose of using these softening lotions before washing is to soften the scabs. Thus, the scabs will be removed without damaging the transplanted hair follicles.
4-) While applying the lotion, care should be taken to spread it to all areas covered by the operation.
5-) Half an hour after the application of the lotion, the scabs will be softened. After that, you can wash your head by using warm water.
6-) After the washing process is finished, the drying process is done with the help of a kitchen towel.

Remember that not all scabs cleaned immediately after the first wash. Therefore, do not expect that all your scabs will pass.Hair transplant patients need to start special massage wash with fingertips after 10th day.These scabs will be cleaned a little after each wash and when the required time is up, there will be no trace of the scabs.

When does scabbing end after Hair Transplantation?

The scabs that start to form on the 1st day of hair transplantation are almost completely cleared at the end of the first 10-day period. However, this may not happen at the same time for every patient. Scabbing after hair transplantation can completely disappear after 15 days in some patients. Therefore, if the scabs have not disappeared within ten days, do not panic, wait a few more days.

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