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    Beard Restoration

    A few men lack facial hair and desire to have a more grounded lower facial appearance either in a mustache or in the beard area for different reasons. Some men have less hair in the lower face and basically can’t grow a substantive beard and new facial hai

Beard Transplantation

For different reasons, a few men lack facial hair and desire a more grounded lower facial appearance, either in a mustache or in the beard area. Some men have less hair on the lower face and can't grow a substantive beard and new facial hair. As a result, these men might be bound to restore facial hair in that facial area to accomplish a more self-reliant appearance to their look.


For example, Asians may have minimal beard hair and may have hair that is inconsistent and patchy. In that case, the objective is basically to fortify and enhance the present hair shape, or else it can be to make an inline symmetry or fill the blank area.


Studies show that hairy men are more self-reliant, progressively developed, and grounded. But unfortunately, not all men are blessed men honored with these great facial hairs. And that is why facial hair restoration or beard restoration is getting more popular.


So here, we bring information related to beard restoration. All you need to know or you should know before you go through this process.

Why You Do not Have a Full Beard ?

If your beard is not complete and not thick, or you're sick of seeing feeble patches of hair in your beard or mustaches, you can be the best candidate for a beard treatment.


While many such men get treated by beard transplantation, it is not a rigid barrier that can't be cracked.


If your facial hair is not growing naturally, that might be your bad luck, but you can turn the cards. The medical field and technology developments have made this possible for you to get that facial hair you always wanted and dreamed about.


You should know the reason if you have a patchy and thin beard. Here are the reasons:


●      Hormones are usually the reason for this lack. The two primary hormones responsible for beard growth are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. The primary hormone, Testosterone, that men get through puberty is a crucial player in facial hair growth, especially in the growth of beards and mustaches. Lack of Testosterone may make it challenging to grow naturally. Beard follicles from natural Testosterone generate dihydrotestosterone hormone, but if there's not enough Testosterone to work for, the DHT is on the lower end of the spectrum.


●      Genetics is a significant determinant of beard growth that transfers from your dad and dad's dad. Just like tall people usually have tall kids. Genetics is something that we can't control. But we can use other methods to change its effects.


●      Lifestyle is not the game-changer in the game but a game influencer that affects the growth and flourishing of the body. Not paying much attention to eating habits, not working out in the gym, lack of sleep, and depression could cause a patchy beard.

●      Alopecia Areata is a condition that does not affect most of the man population, but this could be the reason for a patchy beard. You need to stay calm because this condition is treatable. that most men won't suffer from, but if you're trying to pinpoint the cause of a patchy beard,

What is a Beard Restoration ?

A beard restoration or transplant is a lifesaving solution to overcome genetic and other factors that caused the loss. It does wonder for thickening up facial hair. The procedure includes picking up a patch of hair from different body parts and transplanting it onto your face where the beard grows.

Beard restoration methods have improved significantly as professional beard and hair transplant facilities keep improving. You have a say to choose precisely the type of beard you wish.


Types of Beard Transplants:


The two trusted types of beard transplants are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both techniques are similar in that surgeons remove hair from the donor area.


●      FUE Beard Restoration:  In the FUE transplant technique, individual hairs are grafted from the donor skin and assembled on a larger area. It leaves only white circular scars on the skin. Every surgeon has their way of picking follicles, but usually, one of five follicles is harvested.

●      FUT Beard Restoration: A FUT transplant involves taking a small patch of hair-bearing tissues from the donor area with a microscopic dissection. The surgeon then closes the cut, leaving only a single, beautiful scar behind.


The FUE procedure is not very time-consuming compared to other hair transplant techniques, as it takes 2-5 hours. It will leave only tiny circular scars where hair follicles are removed. Some clinics carry out this procedure manually, while others use mechanical aids. This type of transplant has a higher success rate and faster recovery time than other options. People who undergo it report little or no discomfort.


The FUT procedure takes slightly longer (both to perform and recover from) than the FUE beard transplant. But it has an advantage as it generally results in a fuller beard because more hairs are transplanted overall.


Advantages of Beard Restoration:


Why should you go for a beard transplant and facial hair restoration? Let's have a look at some pros of the beard restoration:


●      You Get the Beard You Always Desired to have: We're not just talking about a full, thick beard in this modern age of advancement. You can also choose your beard style and how you want it to look. Have a look at pictures of different types of beards online or get inspiration from someone ideal you already have in mind. Your surgeon will do everything to transplant hairs that match the ideal.


●      Be More Attractive to Your Love and Look Trendy: Embrace the change within you, and it's not bad showing it off. Because after growing bearded, you will receive more attention from the opposite sex. Studies show most women like bearded men and find them attractive. Beard implies the strength, intelligence, and confidence. So, this has many benefits.


●      Minor pain and minimal recovery Time: The incisions made on your face are so minute they don't hurt more than a small prick. You can take a sick day for the transplant itself, taking up to five hours. After that, you must face a few days of slight swelling and redness. After that, it will be fine in a few hours after treatment.


●      You Can Shave usually, and according to the Style You want: Your new hair follicles are permanent grafts so that you can shave and take care of your beard just like anyone else.


Alternatives to Beard Transplants:


Perhaps you've done the research and made your choice regarding beard transplant options. But, you should always explore and approach other options that are as feasible as a hair transplant. To your amusement options are available that are less expensive. These are:


●      Minoxidil (Rogaine): It is also known as Minoxidil and is perhaps the most common among other products. It has another name Rogaine. Minoxidil has FDA approval and showing great results as many people reported its results.


●      Beard Growth Supplements: Beard supplements are vitamins that help boost metabolism in a way that helps increase beard hair density and growth. A beard supplement will generate new hair, but it will aid. Essential supplements are biotin, Vitamin C, and zinc.


●      Lifestyle Changes: Your health matters significantly in your beard thickness and volume as a healthier man means a healthier beard. So, make sure a nutritious diet, enough exercise, stress relief, and quality sleep can help a lot.


●      Hormonal Therapy: Your thin beard could be a result of hormonal imbalance. Consult a qualified medical person who may prescribe you hormone pills. There are some health risks and limitations associated with hormone therapy, so make sure you are consulting the right person for it.

Stages of Beard Restoration

●      Consultation: The first and most crucial step for beard transplantation is to consult professionals. Ask the surgeon questions about the donor area's requirement and several grafts required from the donor area.


●      Operation: Consider the direction of hair for beard transplantation for a natural-looking beard.


●      Cleaning & PRP: After the operation, surgeons clean the scalp and provide necessary treatments.




After one week of a beard transplant, it will be natural and recovered. Reconstruction of the donor area is also quick and takes place in just 15 days, so you will get the appearance you had before. Strictly follow recovery instructions to avoid any damage.


Patients can see final results after six months, and in 12-18 months, it is possible to see intensive and natural-looking facial hair.

Is a Beard Transplant Permanent?

As a hair transplant, a beard transplant is a permanent solution for a patchy beard.


Having a beard restoration is the best method to give you the kind of beard you always want. Though it's not the only method to handle lack and low facial hair growth, it's a permanent method that is gaining fame all over the globe due to its benefits and minimal pain and recovery time—picking up notoriety all through the world.


If you have decided to go for beard restoration, you must choose a clinic or service with proven experience and results. At our Pure Line Clinic ®, we have well-trained staff and experienced surgeons. After all, having a beard restoration is a big decision to take – and an expensive method to go for. So, we are here offering the best services available in the town. Gather all the information you can before deciding whether it's right for you or not, or consult with our hair-transplant professionals for the best advice.

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