• Eyebrow Restoration Treatment

    Eyebrow Restoration Treatment

    In the past few years, eyebrow restoration procedure has become the most popular treatment to solve the problem of thin eyebrows or bald areas above the eyes. Though, there are a host of medicinal situations that cause eyebrow loss, like a low thyroid (hyp

Eyebrow Restoration in Turkey

In the past few years, the eyebrow restoration procedure has become the most popular treatment to solve the problem of thin eyebrows or bald areas above the eyes. However, many medicinal situations cause eyebrow loss, like a low thyroid (hypothyroidism) condition, one of the common reasons for eyebrow loss. Over-plucking is also a reason besides being born with thin or bad eyebrows.


These eyebrow hairs can be gone forever due to excessive use of cosmetics and plucking of the follicles, which leads to surgical hair transplantation. You feel like you have lost a part of what makes you beautiful if your eyebrows go thin.


However, most often, women use makeup products to fill the blank areas of their brows. But now, there is not a single solution to this problem. With modern scientific treatments and technology, we have many options, and one of them is - The eyebrow Restoration process. This is the most technical and precise procedure performed by the Surgeon and assistant team, which requires real artistry because surgeons have to take care of the minor things to keep it accurate and natural.

Why You Do not Have a Natural Eyebrow ?

Eyebrow hair loss can happen due to many reasons. You should know why you are losing and have no hair growth in your Eyebrows area. Here are some primary reasons:


●      Excessive Use of face creams: Not just do regular face creams block the hair follicles and limit hair growth, but those creams which contain AHBs, Retinols, AHAs, or any acid in them, severely affect the hair follicle and inhibit hair growth.

●      Blood or Thyroid (hormone) Deficiency: Blood deficiency or thyroid problems are the fundamental reasons for hair loss. If your brows are sparse or thin, it is mainly due to thyroid. If you notice that your eyebrows go slim or hair loss in that area increases, specifically at the outer side of your eyebrows, you should worry about this. It is time to go for a thyroid test.

●      Consequences of plucking or waxing: These methods unluckily damage the roots of the brow hairs. In this case, the hair follicle lies inactive beneath your skin that dies eventually.

●      Diet and Stress: Hair strands are mainly composed of protein, and they need protein for their growth. The hairs go into a “resting phase” if you don’t take enough protein in your diet. When your body is under stress, it uses more nutrients to provide energy to the body. Due to this, the body gives its remaining nutrients to the hairs and nails, and if they are all utilised for other purposes due to poor diet or stress, it may lead to hair death or loss.

What Is A Eyebrow Restoration ?

The process for eyebrow transplant is the same as for the usual hair transplantation procedure. It is done by implanting your hair grafts by transferring them from some other part of your body. The method is simple, but there are many features from cost to side effects to keep in mind.


The surgeon will make minute cleavages at the donor area follicle and the transplantation area of your brows. The whole procedure takes 2 to 3 hours mostly, and if you need only a touch-up, it will take less than one hour.


During eyebrow transplantation, a patient’s hairs are extracted one by one, usually from the back of the head. Grafting for eyebrow restoration often includes only individual strands. The angles of every eyebrow hair must be placed in the correct position to get a natural look.

Angles of these eyebrow hairs must be in the direction of the skin and must have a different club shape facing the nose and a cross-hatching appearance as the final look approaches.


Types Or Methods Of Eyebrow Transplant:


As the procedure for eyebrow restoration, the cause of eyebrow fulfillment too varies for each individual. Some choose this treatment due to a lack of hair in the eyebrow area due to some disease. Some lose hair due to the long-term consequences of plucking and waxing, and some have thin eyebrows naturally and want only fulfillment in that area. So your surgeon will take an in-depth analysis of your problem before selecting any method for this treatment.


Eyebrow transplantation is a permanent solution for restoring thin or congenital eyebrow absence, so Sapphire FUE and DHI are the best-considered procedures for Eyebrow restoration.  However, your surgeon has to pay meticulous care to both the technical detail and the cosmetic point of view because the ultimate goal of eyebrow fulfillment is the full eyebrow contour. So the angle of hair grafts, natural look, curl, and flare to the fishbone area are the integral parts to check on the surgeon's part.


What options I can use for Eyebrow Transplantation:


While we offer eyebrow restoration solutions for any stage of hair loss with Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques, most procedures are categorized in the following three types:


●      Complete Restoration of Eyebrow: If you were born with less or no brows, or have thin and patchy eyebrows due to congenital or some disease or other reasons, then the whole restoration technique is for you. Our complete restoration of 200+ grafts can endow you with a beautifully shaped brow contour.

●      Just Enhancement: If long-term plucking and tweezing have made your brows sparse, pencil-thin brow, our Enhancement Restoration treatment option of 101-199 grafts can naturally build up your eyebrows by filling in the gaps.

●      Minimal Touch-up: If you're looking for a bit of enhancement or a minimal re-shaping, our touch-up technique of 50-100 grafts is a much more realistic approach for best penciling or tattooing.


 What to Expect?


●      You may suffer from slight swelling around your eyes for 3 to 5 days. Eyes may look darker due to the tiny scabs around grafted hairs and the healing process. This will fade soon, so do not be worried about it.

●      The pain will be significantly less. You can do your usual tasks exactly after completing this treatment, wear sunglasses, and travel the very next day.

●      After this treatment, you need to trim your eyebrow hair every two weeks. The hair growth cycle rate for the scalp is 3 to 5 years, but for brow hair, it is just 2 to 3 months.

●      The surgeon will advise you to cover your eyebrow hairs with ACE wrap for 8 to 12 weeks after getting this fulfillment treatment to train your new transplanted follicles to be smooth, flat, and in shape. No need to wrap it harshly. Instead, wrap them gently downward to get them in natural form.


Advantages :


The main advantage of eyebrow hair transplant is that you don't need any brow makeup anymore, and the brows look natural as your own.

Is Eyebrow Restoration Just for Women ?

This is suitable for both genders and works for both; in fact, men willingly go for this process than women. The ideal candidate for this treatment can be


●      Any man or woman who was born with thin eyebrow hair volume and a minute eyebrow shape

●      People who want to cover any wound or scar in the brow area.

●      People who over-tweezed their eyebrows or have lost their hair, especially the tail end,

●      Men or women who have thyroid deficiency and hair growth issues.


Is Eyebrow Restoration Right for You?


At Pure Line Clinic ®, we offer services to both men and women who want to fill naturally missing eyebrows, enhance and fulfil the thinning brows, or need re-shaping in bare areas.


Before going for this treatment, we will thoroughly check your past medical history, examine different things, and then will tell you whether it will work for you or not. For this, you need a complete consultation with our professionalists or with surgeons. However, on a lighter note, eyebrow transplantation may not be suitable for you if you have:


●      bleeding disorders

●      alopecia areata

●      trichotillomania

●      a history of complications related to cosmetic surgery




Aches or pain and minor crusting around the eyebrow area after surgery are reasonable; these signs will vanish within a week.


The patient can resume regular activity within 48 hours of the surgery. Falling of the transplanted hair will start after 3 to 5 weeks and will begin to re-grow after two months post-surgery, and notable hair growth will start around 4 to 6 months after surgery.

Bottom Line

At our Pure Line Clinic ®, we perform eyebrow restoration under local anesthesia. We use the FUE technique; by collecting the micromotors follicles and implanting them individually in the areas of brows suffering from hair loss, we fill the barren or thin parts precisely according to our client's needs and desires.


So, If you are planning and have questions about eyebrow restoration procedures, contact us to schedule your consultation with our renowned and experienced Surgeons and specialists. Or email, and we will get back to you to set up your appointment with us. The details and information (both the limitations and the benefits); related to your eyebrow hair restoration and the expenditure of this process will be explained to you at the time of consultation with our hair transplant professionalists.

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