• Painless Hair Transplant With PureSoft ® Technique

    Painless Hair Transplant With PureSoft ® Technique

    Hair transplantation is the most efficient solution for many of those who have bald patches on their scalp. It is currently the only technique that can lead to permanent or long-lasting hair restoration. However, some are concerned that anesthesia and surg

Painless Hair Transplant-PureSoft ® Technique

Hair transplantation is the most efficient solution for many who have bald patches on their scalp. It is currently the only technique leading to permanent or long-lasting hair restoration. However, some are concerned that anesthesia and surgery may feel unpleasant and painful. The use of syringes and needles may particularly stress many patients. In addition, the resulting wounds can cause infection. Fortunately, with the PureSoft ® process, we can give you a hair transplant without any distress or risk.

Fewer Pain Thanks To The PureSoft ® Technique

Upon your demand, we at Pure Line Clinic ® offer a scalp anesthetic with just one or two needles. A pin-like nozzle delivers the drug onto the scalp through high pressure. The operation requires a few seconds and causes no wounds. You're just going to experience mild discomfort for a couple of seconds. This approach is far less uncomfortable than the usual syringe procedure, providing a more comfortable environment for the patient.


When the skin has been appropriately anaesthetized, the team can perform the process. Usually, after the FUE, the patient will have only little discomfort and moderate pain that can be quickly relieved with traditional painkillers.

Anaesthesia Facts about Hair Transplant

Here are some facts about hair transplants:


●      Hair restoration surgery is not painless, but pain management is far more efficient than ever in the recent past. Medical science has enhanced knowledge of nociception – how the sense of pain is felt, conveyed, and perceived through nerves from the site of the spinal cord and brain damage.


●      There is a better understanding of the relationship between adequate anaesthesia and slight bleeding during surgery. Insufficiently anaesthetised, anxious patients may experience increases in blood pressure and heart rate that raise the risk of bleeding; therefore, anaesthesia levels and physical signs, including heart rate and blood pressure, are monitored closely throughout the surgery.


●      Discomfort can be reduced with the usage of anti-anxiety medications. Patients that feel that they can not cope with the irritation of treatments with local anaesthesia can be treated with an anaesthetic added to the skin that momentarily eliminates the capacity of the individual to experience pain in the surgical area.


●      Anesthesia Safety Usage, Proper selection of anaesthetics includes safety considerations. Serious side effects and reactions cause allergic issues, diarrhoea, fatigue, pain, breathlessness, increased or lowered heart rate, or significant clinical symptoms involving immediate care attention or hospitalisation during preoperative evaluation.


●      The patient should ask the practitioner to clarify what anaesthetics will be used, including a description of the logical and possible side effects.


●      The procedure involved in the application of Anesthesia


The methods of application of anaesthesia are:


●      General anaesthesia: General anaesthesia typically does not occur in the anaesthetics used in hair transplantation. Although general anaesthesia brings the patient into a deep sleep, there is often a greater chance of severe complications.


●      Regional anaesthesia: Regional anaesthesia may be conveyed as the process of creating a specific part of the body numb to ease the pain. Regional anaesthesia, like general anaesthesia, is also not used in hair transplantation surgery.


●      Local anaesthesia: Local anaesthetics are the most commonly used anaesthesia in hair transplantation. Local anaesthesia may be administered using a needle-free jet injection (high-pressure dispersion) and a conventional injection procedure.


●      Sedation: Among other methods, this approach is the most straightforward procedure.  This may be done by inhalation and vascular exposure from the arm.



The aspect that boosts the sense of relaxation is the ability to adapt the dose of sedation to the needs of patients and, through constant monitoring, the potential to reduce its effect whenever necessary.


Since baby sedation could also be administered, it is considered highly safe. But the excellent portion comes here? Anaesthesia may now be injected into the body without needles/pins. Puresoft ®   is one of the most sophisticated needle-free injection devices powered by the spring. This small tool utilises liquid medication on its own instead of an injection. Among other terms, it adds high-pressure material to the epidermis. Also, the impact of the substance on the skin is experienced by the recipient user. This unit has a 0.15 mm orifice and a very high-speed jet transmission mechanism.


At Pure Line Clinic ®, anaesthesia for hair transplantation is now used using needles instead of a pen-like tool.  This Puresoft ® technique operates by injecting the medication deep into the target area, where it is then absorbed through the layers of the skin. The Puresoft ® technique was developed to help people with needle phobias have a comfortable physical and psychological experience.

Miscellaneous Factors which Make Hair Transplant Procedure Pain-Free

●      A micromotor that rotates at a low altitude during the extraction phase is used.

●      A micromotor with short cylindrical needles constructed of high-quality medical steel is utilised.

●      Renewal the cylindrical needles required during the extraction process until the punch is blunted due to improper use.

●      Usage of unique sapphire blades instead of steel blades during the incision phase at the receiver site.

●      Getting the wound-dressing, which may take effect immediately after the surgery and on the next day, by healthcare professionals, are other considerations that may influence the overall comfort of the procedure.

The Advantages of the Almost Painless Hair Transplant with the PureSoft ® Technique

●      It can be easily applied anywhere on the scalp

●      No injuries and low risk of inflammation or infection

●      Patented and certified technologies

●      Anaesthesia can be administered without a syringe, with absolutely no discomfort.

●      It makes anaesthetic simpler to dosage

●      The drug can grow quicker by infusion of compressed air

●      Less convenient than other approaches owing to reduced penetration of 0.15 mm.


Do you have any other concerns about this? Please do not hesitate to send a message to our support team to address all your questions. They will even give you a free hair analysis and consultation. Use the opportunity to regain your confidence and life's zest!   And don't wait if you want to take advantage of the experience of our highly qualified, certified Hair Transplant Professionalists for an effective and affordable hair transplant treatment in Turkey. All the best.

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