• The Pure Line Clinic ® <span>Experience</span>

    The Pure Line Clinic ® Experience

    We strive to understand the needs of our patients, taking into account the entire process, and to provide high quality service that can go beyond their expectations. We want to make them feel our hospitality.

About Pure Line Clinic ®

Pure Line Clinic ® has 12 years of experience in the field of hair loss treatments. Our medical team has been actively practicing in this field since 2010. We have treated thousands of patients from all over the world. We are specialising in hair transplant treatments, and accordingly, we have observed the rapidly changing advancements, techniques, and innovations in this field scrutinizingly.

When we mention we are the best option, there are multiple reasons behind this. We tick all the boxes required for a clinic to ensure services of paramount quality. Our surgeons have experience of more than nine years in this field which makes them sheer experts. Our patient coordinators are very customer-oriented and highly qualified individuals. They aim to guide you through every detail of your experience to ensure that all goes smoothly. Our customer care service is available 24*7 and serves each individual with the desired customer support needed. Notable, isn’t it?

 Not just that, we always treat our patients as our family members. We are with them before, during, and after the transplant surgery, with everything they need. In rare cases of mistakes or complications in the transplant operation, we arrange a new transplant surgery for free and pay for your travel expenses. Our clinic is what you can call a paradise for your hair which gets rejuvenated and nourished. We understand the uniqueness of everyone's hair and accordingly carry out the transplant operation.

What We Do

What We Do

We strive to understand the needs of our patients, taking into account the entire process, and provide high-quality service that can go beyond their expectations. We want to make them feel our hospitality.

We are unique in our services and our surgeons. We care for your time. That’s why we prepare very well for the transplant surgery. We, first of all, take a blood test on the patient and analyse the situation with great care. We decoded the requirements of the number of grafts needed to be implanted, the regions of high and low hair loss, and the safe donor region. We care about your mental health too, so we keep a consultation session of the patient with the surgeon before the transplant operation. Patients can ask anything and everything from the surgeon during the consultation session.

 Not just before and during the session, we care for you even after the transplant surgery. Our patient coordinators are available to be consulted anytime after the treatment.


We boast of a mammoth success rate of more than 98%. Our sole purpose of customer satisfaction is fulfilled almost every time. We are a team of well-qualified surgeons, expert patient coordinators, and highly efficient staff members. Our clinic hosts thousands of patients from all across the world.


So, we have made it clear that we are always ready to help you make your hair the most natural-looking and beautiful hair. We don’t just stop being good and keep improving to be the best. We use the latest FUE technique to ensure that the patient goes through minimum pain.


So, if you or anyone of your knowledge suffers through a hair loss crisis, you know whom to contact and where to get the treatment from. We are here to guide you and make sure that you are very well taken care of. We promise to give you the ultimate experience and exceed all your expectations. 


Summing it all, our mission is to make everyone feel confident about having the best-looking hair possible!

<span>At Pure Line Clinic®</span>     Boutique Concept

At Pure Line Clinic® Boutique Concept

Crowded and uncomfortable waiting rooms, jam-packed schedules, excessive waits for an appointment, insufficient personalised attention, and rush doctors are common complaints in medical care. Our boutique concept provides patients with personalised and accessible care, high-volume treatments and procedures, and more relaxed, intimate hair transplantation. We accept a limited number of patients so that our patients can have a smooth treatment process. The Pure Line Clinic® provides procedures with highly skilled specialists to ensure the best healthcare.

Pure Line Clinic® is exclusive with a unique style and individual-oriented approach. This clinic provides the combination of professional services of a specialist and a comfortable atmosphere like at home. Moreover, the patients usually enjoy the eye-catchy interior and efficient coordination. 

The Pure Line Clinic® Experience

The Pure Line Clinic® Experience

Our doctor Mesut Demir will follow your process at the beginning to end of the entire operation.Since he speaks English at an advanced level, you will feel quite comfortable.We invite you to our Pure Line Clinic® in Turkey for innovative and customised treatments, no matter what is your hair loss symptoms. With extensive expertise in multiple hair loss therapies and transplantation, our physicians will make sure that you benefit from our expertise and personalised care at a very reasonable rate. We suggest you come to our clinic in Turkey to discuss your situation with one of our hair transplant professionals and experience the difference.

At Pure Line Clinic® Results

Real Results. Get your hair back with Pure Line Clinic ®. Let's start your consultation.


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