Does Minoxidil Work?

Does Minoxidil Work?


Minoxidil is a drug that dilates blood vessels. In this way, it is a widely used hair treatment for the thickening and growth of hair and the prevention of baldness. Since it can be used in different baldness treatments, the number of people using Minoxidil is increasing day by day. For this reason, patients can use Minoxidil before applying for hair transplant treatment. Expert specialists in Pure Line Clinic ® work meticulously on Minoxidil treatment.

What is the Effect of Minoxidil on Hair Roots?

In the 1980s, observations were made that Minoxidil, which was used for hypertension and taken orally, also played a role in hair growth. Following these observations, hair sprays containing Minoxidil, which were converted to spray form instead of oral intake, were produced. Thus, Minoxidil began to be used in the treatment of baldness. Separate formulas were developed for men and women in the prepared Minoxidil-containing solutions. The serum for men contains 5% Minoxidil, while the serum for women contains 2% Minoxidil.


The exact cause of the effect of Minoxidil on hair growth has not been proven. However, some theories suggest that due to the vasodilating effect of Minoxidil, it allows the hair follicle cells to be fed more. In this way, hair follicles always remain alive.

Who Can Use Minoxidil?

Minoxidil can be used by any adult woman and man who does not have cardiovascular disease. People between the ages of 18-41 are the group that gets the maximum efficiency from Minoxidil. Minoxidil may not be effective enough if the baldness in people is in a very large area. In such cases, Pure Line Clinic ® recommends hair transplant treatments such as the FUE method.


Minoxidil also has little effect on openings in the temples or neck. The top of the head and its circumference are the most affected areas. At this point, Pure Line Clinic ® specialists determine whether the person whose hair treatment is planned is suitable for Minoxidil treatment or hair transplantation methods, based on the areas where hair loss occurs.


During lactation, a certain amount of Minoxidil can pass into breast milk. To prevent such risks, Minoxidil should not be used during these periods.

Are There Any Side Effects of Minoxidil?

Minoxidil has some side effects depending on the person's skin type and duration of use. First of all, being in the form of a solution and applying it externally to the scalp may cause redness and itching at the application site. This symptom is usually seen in people with sensitive skin or allergies.


In case of excessive dryness, scaling, irritation and burning sensation, eczema symptoms, and crusting in the application area, the use of Minoxidil should be stopped. It has also been seen to show side effects such as headaches in some people.

How Long Does Minoxidil Treatment Take?

Long-term treatment is required for the desired effect of Minoxidil to be seen. At least 4 months is required to strengthen the hair. Between the 4th and 6th months, new hair starts to appear. The maximum effect is observed from the 12th month. The treatment process should be planned with the experts and the time to quit should be determined consciously.

Minoxidil should not be stopped abruptly after prolonged use. In consultation with your specialist, it should be decided how the treatment process will be completed. It has been stated that sudden cessation after long-term use may cause hair loss.

How is Minoxidil Applied?

A bottle of Minoxidil contains a dosage suitable for 30 days of use. It is applied to the area with hair loss, not exceeding 5 sprays, 2 times a day. 


After spraying the area to be treated once with Minoxidil, the medicine is spread over the area by massaging with fingertips. This process is repeated five times. If the application area is large, the number of sprays should be a maximum of five. Minoxidil can also be applied to the hairy area without worry. At this point, people should make a careful massage to the bottom of their hair. Hands must be washed after application. Minoxidil is a drug that should not be used anywhere on the body except the scalp.

Regular use is extremely important in the success of the drug. During the treatment process, attention should be paid to medication hours. It is a drug that can be easily obtained from any pharmacy.

What are the Differences Between Minoxidil Treatment and Hair Transplant?

Minoxidil treatment is considered to be a more accurate form of treatment as it does not require any operation. However, after a certain period of time after the discontinuation of the Minoxidil drug, the problem of hair loss may resurface. If hair transplantation methods are applied in professional addresses such as Pure Line Clinic ®, more permanent solutions emerge.


There are no side effects in hair transplantation methods, especially in the FUE method. During the application, an incision is not made both in the area where the hair follicle is taken and in the area where the hair is transplanted. This also speeds up the healing process after treatment. Pure Line Clinic ® examines whether the hair follicles (grafts) taken are healthy and plant the necessary grafts. In this way, the success rate to be obtained from the treatment is high. After a single treatment, people get the lush and natural hair of their dreams in 1-1.5 years.


Although Minoxidil may seem like an effortless application in the short term, it must be applied for at least one year for a strong effect. Hair transplant methods, on the other hand, ensure that the transplanted area is filled with hair in one or two sessions. While Minoxidil cannot show the desired effect in areas with intense baldness, the problem of baldness can be completely eliminated thanks to hair transplantation treatment.


Thanks to the developing hair transplantation technologies, people do not need to cut all their hair to 1 millimeter. Pure Line Clinic ® makes the most appropriate treatment planning according to the hair type of the person. Thanks to DHI CHOI hair transplant pens, only the area to be transplanted is treated. In this way, there is no need to cut the hair.

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