How Can I Find Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?

How Can I Find Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?


Due to the increasing interest in hair transplantation in Turkey, the number of centers and clinics that perform hair transplantation is increasing day by day. Between the service and price difference, people start looking for professional services and aim to have a hair transplant at the right address. As Pure Line Clinic ®, one of the leading names in the hair transplant world, we explained in detail why we are one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

Why is Pure Line Clinic ® One of the Best Hair Transplantation Centers in Turkey?

The hair transplant treatment process is a field that requires a professional and detailed study. The treatment process should be determined specifically for the patients. Every year, hundreds of local and foreign people have hair transplant treatment at our clinic. Being shaped in line with the needs of people increases both the success obtained from the process and patient satisfaction. Pure Line Clinic ® provides a comprehensive service to its patients by considering all stages.

Limited Patient Admission


Although Pure Line Clinic ®  is a well-known clinic in Turkey, it accepts 1 case per day. Generally, clinics process between 5 and 25 cases per day. However, this high number can bring failures.


Receiving two or more cases in the same operating room causes hair transplantation to be applied quickly. This situation may cause the grafts to break due to not getting enough grafts from the patient and trying to act quickly while planting. Failure to perform the correct applications may fail the treatment or the inability to achieve the desired result.

Pure Line Clinic ®  reserves the operating room for only one patient. No matter how long the procedure takes, the clinical team only deals with one patient that day. In this way, VIP service is offered. The grafts are used with full efficiency without any rush in the operations. The satisfaction of patients after the procedure is the main achievement for Pure Line Clinic ®.

Treatment with Special Methods


Various methods are used in hair transplantation treatment. Pure Line Clinic ®  uses treatments with a high success rate and proven effectiveness. The microscope method and Ice FUE method are the methods preferred by Pure Line Clinic ®. It leads people to successful and natural results in a short time.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE); It is an effective method with advantages such as:

  • Being a painless procedure with PureSoft ®  technique,
  • Not creating the need for stitches,
  • Not damaging the scalp,
  • Leaving a minimum of scars after the treatment,
  • Allowing the use of body hair during the treatment.
  • Increases hair growth rate up to 95%.


It is an advanced microsurgery option that restores natural hair. It should be applied by specialists in the field. Pure Line Clinic ®  specialists perform applications without leaving any traces. They work meticulously in the careful removal and placement of the follicular extract.


In the FUE method, unlike the old techniques, deep and long incisions are not made. Instead of this method, hair grafts are compressed with micro needles. The recovery period after the operation is 14 days. Contrary to the old methods, no need for suture application accelerates the healing process automatically. The donor area and the implanted area should be protected against the risk of infection.

Customized Planning


After hair transplantation, people want to have natural-looking hair. Personal planning of the treatment is one of the golden rules of obtaining a natural appearance. Before the treatment, detailed information about the treatment is given in the preliminary interviews conducted by the hair transplant consultants. Then, hairline determination and donor area determination are performed by the specialists who will perform the hair transplant operation. Different transplantation techniques can also be applied according to the donor structure of the person. Pure Line Clinic ®  provides natural and powerful results by making customized planning.

Guaranteed Operations

Pure Line Clinic ®  shows what kind of result people will experience after hair transplant treatment with preliminary reporting. On the other hand, in the unlikely event that the promised result is not met, it offers its patients the right to free revision. This is a phenomenon that shows the confidence of the clinic in its work.

Positive Reviews

There are many positive reviews about Pure Line Clinic ®. Accepting a limited case per day and applying a professional service directly increases patient satisfaction. Lots of positive reviews can be seen on platforms like Google, Whatclinic, Trustpilot, and other search engines.


JCI Certified Hospitals

Pure Line Clinic ®  performs its operations in JCI-certified hospitals. Hair transplantation is performed in many clinics that do not have suitable conditions in Turkey. Pure Line ®  approaches this issue very meticulously. Hair transplant treatment is an operation process that requires hygiene. Therefore, it is important to do it in hospital conditions. Pure Line Clinic ®  works in agreement with the leading hospitals of Istanbul and performs its operations in these hospitals. We bring together specialist physicians of Pure Line ® and patients in private hospitals.


Post-operative Follow-up Process


The follow-up process is important after hair transplantation treatment. This process is very important both to ensure a correct recovery and to provide comprehensive answers to possible questions of the patients. Many clinics have a high number of medical consultants. This may cause a different consultant to deal with a patient each time. In this process, the follow-up of the patient cannot be done efficiently and problems may occur in the control processes that should be done at the right time. Thanks to the boutique clinic concept of Pure Line Clinic ®, the post-operative follow-up process is managed flawlessly.


Modern Devices & Premium Products

Every step of the process, from the simplest material used during the operation to the neck pillows that the patient will use, is crucial for Pure Line Clinic ®. To provide the best service to our patients, we planned and designed every process. They are top-class products in all devices to be used during the process. It provides maximum quality service to its patients.

Impeccable Service

Pure Line Clinic ®  provides a complete service to its patients. Hotel transfer is tracked at every step. Even if the patient's plane lands at night, patient counselors follow the patients during this process and offer quick solutions to the problems they may experience. You are offered multiple options according to your budget. Moreover, patients are always supported in line with the services they want. Pure Line Clinic ®  should not be thought of only as a hair transplant clinic. We are ready to support our patients in every way during their stay in Istanbul.

Friendly Service and Consultancy

One of the essential points for the clinic is always to keep smiling. We are aware of how a smiling face reflects positively the energy of the clinic. Being more connected to our work with the patients' happiness is the main point of our success.

Best Hair Transplant Results with Pure Line Clinic ® Difference

You can access before and after photos from Instagram and Facebook pages and examine how the above factors affect the results. You can also fill out the form on our website to get more detailed information about Pure Line Clinic ®  and request consultancy for hair transplant treatment. Our medical consultant team will contact you as soon as possible. Get ready to meet the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

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