Are You Looking For Free Hair Transplant Consultation Near You?

Are You Looking For Free Hair Transplant Consultation Near You?


Many questions may arise in the minds of people who want to have a hair transplant. People may not be satisfied with the superficial information of internet research. Moreover, they may want to talk to an expert person for their confusion. At this point, the concept of hair transplant consultancy plays an important role. Some hair transplant centers or clinics provide hair transplant consultancy to people with their expert team. However, the intensive number of employees in some clinics can make it difficult to deal with people individually.


Pure Line Clinic ® is one of the best clinics where you can find answers to all of your questions. There is a medical consultant who takes special care of each patient. For questions that remain in mind before and after the process, people can contact their medical consultants.


You do not have to go to the clinic or have a face-to-face interview for a hair transplant consultation. Pure Line Clinic ®, as one of the leading hair transplant centers in Turkey, serves the whole world. It communicates with its patients through online systems before taking its patients from all over the world to successful results. People who are considering hair transplantation share their hair videos and photos with medical consultations.


The professional team examines the hair images of the person and prepares a special report for the patient. Within the scope of this report, the needs of the patient and which hair transplantation methods will be applied are reported. In this way, people know in advance what kind of treatment they will encounter during their visit to Turkey. Even if they are not in the same countries, people can find a hair transplant consultancy service next to them within the scope of these services.

What is done within the scope of Hair Transplantation Consultancy?

Pure Line Clinic ® is an institution that always provides service with its professional team. We apply hair transplantation treatment to many domestic or foreign patients. Before the treatment, it is extremely important to get hair transplant counseling, especially for patients coming from abroad. In this way, people know what they will encounter when they perform health tourism for hair transplantation.


As Pure Line Clinic ®, we provide detailed information about the process to patients within the scope of hair transplant consultancy. Medical consultants ask patients to have hair photos from various angles and, if possible, videos. In this way, the hairline, hair structure, and degree of baldness of the people are determined. The treatment process is planned according to the existing hair structure of the people.


Information is obtained from the patient about where the grafts can be taken. With detailed reporting, the results of the patient's examination are shared with the people. Travel planning, airport-hotel transfer, and hospital reception services are provided for patients coming from abroad. After only a few phone calls, the treatment process of the entire hair transplant is planned within the scope of Pure Line Clinic ® hair transplant consultancy.

About Pure Line Clinic ®

Providing VIP service in hair transplantation treatment, Pure Line Clinic ® is an institution that always prioritizes patient satisfaction. While many clinics accept up to 25 cases per day, Pure Line Clinic ® works with only a certain number of patients per day. In this way, patients are provided with the necessary careful treatment and service. This is also very important in terms of environmental sterilization. After a patient, all necessary sterilization is provided.


The microscope method and Ice Fue method are applied as hair transplantation technology. Thanks to special grooving methods, full efficiency is obtained from the grafts. Treatment is planned according to the patient, and it is ensured that the patients reach a successful result with the first treatment.


Thanks to hair transplantation consultancy, Pure Line Clinic ® always helps its patients before and after the process. Unlike clinics with high staff numbers, the boutique layout ensures that patients are always taken care of by the same person. In this way, the patient's process can be observed healthily. Even if people return to their countries after the treatment, they can always get support for hair transplant counseling.

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