FUE Hair Transplant Planning and Expectations

FUE Hair Transplant Planning and Expectations


The FUE method is one of the most popular hair transplant methods in recent years, offering permanent solutions to the baldness problem. It is applied to thousands of people every year all over the world. Among the celebrities, there are hundreds of names who have had the FUE method. The FUE hair transplant method allows people to have natural and bushy-looking hair after a few hours of operation.


Hair loss may occur due to aging, drugs used, genetic factors, stress, or external factors. The baldness problem, which is more common in men, has also become a very important problem for women today. The FUE method is a popular treatment method as it offers a professional solution to baldness.


In the FUE method, hair follicles are collected from certain parts of the head. These hair follicles are called grafts. Quality and strong grafts are transferred to the area with hair loss. In the FUE method, all hair should be shortened to 1 millimeter for best result. In this way, hair follicles can be detected more clearly.

By applying local anesthesia with Puresoft ®  Technique to the patients during the procedure, the hair transplant process is ensured to be painless. Since there is no need for stitches after the operation, people can easily return to their daily lives. FUE hair transplant, which provides lively and natural-looking hair in one year, gives effective results in a short time.

How is FUE Hair Transplant Applied?

In FUE hair transplant, the hair is shortened to 1 mm. FUE hair transplant is an application performed under local anesthesia. In this way, no pain sensation occurs during the procedure. After the anesthesia is applied to the head area of the person or other donor areas, the graft removal process is started.


Hair follicles are extracted by making 0.7-1 mm incisions with sharp-edged apparatus. When removing hair follicles, one of the 7 roots is taken, thus preventing hair deficiency in the donor area. The quality of the extracted hair follicles is examined and then the hair transplant is performed. After the FUE hair transplant, there is no need to stay in the hospital. After a few hours of observation, patients can return to their daily lives.

FUE Hair Transplant Planning Process

Professional application of FUE hair transplant increases the success of the treatment. Pure Line Clinic ® , as a specialist center in hair transplant treatment, works diligently to bring its patients successful results. FUE hair transplant planning consists of several stages. The patient is informed about each stage and the process progresses professionally.

As the first step, the patient comes to the clinic and provides a preliminary interview with the doctor and hair transplant specialist. In this interview, the general health profile of the person is examined and it is determined whether he is suitable for treatment. The scalp and structure of the people who are suitable for treatment are examined. In the FUE method, the donor area to be used to obtain the graft is determined. The hair follicles located at the nape of the person are generally used as the graft area. In some cases, hair follicles or beards in certain parts of the body can also be used as a donor.


The bald areas on the patient's head are determined and the number of grafts to be transplanted is calculated. Some clinics plan 7000-10000 graft transfers in a single session, but this negatively affects the success of the treatment. Pure Line Clinic ® performs hair transplantation of up to 5000 grafts in a single session. Transplanted roots need to be fed to hold onto the scalp and grow new hair.


According to the studies on the FUE method, the scalp can feed a maximum of 5000 grafts. Although it is thought that hair transplant is done to all regions using more than 5000 grafts in a single session, these roots can be shed without holding during the healing process. This adversely affects the success of treatment.


In cases where an extra graft transplant is required, the patient is informed about this issue. If hair transfer to all bald areas is required in patients with excessive hair loss, the second FUE session is planned at the end of the first year.


After the determination of the number of grafts, the hairline is determined. Pure Line Clinic ®  also works diligently in determining the hairline for a natural look.


After the necessary planning, a day is planned for a hair transplant. A hair transplant must be performed in a sterilized environment. Most of the patients are discharged within the day after the hair transplant procedure.

Expectations from FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is a hair transplantation application that has proven its effectiveness. This method is known worldwide. FUE hair transplant technique ensures that expectations for treatment are high. If it is applied in a professional clinic and attention is paid to the quality of the grafts, the treatment process results in success. In the first year following the treatment, people regain their former appearance by having healthy and shiny hair.


One month after the application, hair loss is seen in the transplanted hair follicles. There should be no concern over these spills. Within three months, new and live hair follicles become evident and hair strands grow. At the end of the first year, people regain their natural hair. Hair follicles are carefully collected in the donor areas from which the grafted sample is taken. In this way, there is no hair deficiency in the donor area. People regain their hair before they encounter a hair loss problem.


In this process, you can use special shampoos that strengthen the hair strands with the recommendation of your doctor. After getting new hair, classical hair treatments can be applied to make the hair look well-groomed. Due to the transfer of strong hair follicles, hair loss does not occur in the transplanted hair.


Thanks to the FUE hair transplant method, a permanent solution is provided to the baldness problem, which may cause serious psychological problems such as depression in some people. Pure Line Clinic ®  offers permanent solutions to its patients with FUE hair transplants, which permanently solves the baldness problem.

Since the patient's hair follicles are used in the FUE hair transplant method, the hair that grows out is in the natural hair structure and color of the person. People with very common baldness problems may need to be transplanted again after one year. However, except for some special cases, successful results are usually achieved with a single session.

First Month After FUE Hair Transplant

In the first two weeks after the hair transplant, the redness of the scalp disappears. The distinct appearance of the transplanted hair follicles fades with shedding. One month after the application, hair loss is seen in the transplanted hair follicles. These spills are called shock spills and should not be worried about. In the process, the scalp regains its health with the self-healing power of the scalp. On the other hand, the hair follicles, which will take part in the regrowth of hair, settle on the scalp.

Third Month After FUE Hair Transplant

Within three months, new and vivid hair follicles become evident and hair strands grow. Thanks to the grafts attached to the scalp, hair strands begin to grow again in the bald area.

Sixth Month After FUE Hair Transplant

In the sixth month after the FUE hair transplant, hair growth is observed in all transplanted areas. With the elongation of hair strands, people begin to regain their natural hair appearance. It is observed that hair growth is completed by almost 60%. From this stage onwards, the focus is only on hair growth.

Twelfth Month After FUE Hair Transplant

After one year of hair transplant, people regain their old hair almost completely. At this stage, since the hair will grow significantly, the baldness in the transplanted areas will be covered to a large extent.

Eighteenth Month After FUE Hair Transplant

With a period of more than one and a half years after FUE hair transplant, the elongation of hair strands is completed and people have a hair appearance that better than before. Thanks to their strong hair roots, they get natural hair that they can lengthen and shape as they wish.

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