Is Hair Transplant Safe?

Is Hair Transplant Safe?


After the developments in the world of medicine and technology, hair transplant has become very popular and many clinics have started to provide services. In such cases, it is very important which criteria patients will consider in choosing a clinic for their hair transplant. Thanks to the frequent use of new methods in hair transplant operations, it is now easier to achieve faster and more reliable results. It is said that hair transplant operations performed under suitable conditions carry a low risk for health.


Hair transplant, which is recommended to be performed by specialists specialized in the field, is among the operations with a high success rate. In addition, since it is known as a low-risk surgical procedure, there has been an increase in the number of patients who want to have a hair transplant in recent years. The health history of our patients is questioned in detail and they undergo a complete physical examination. In this way, the possibility of an unexpected complication after the operation is minimized. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we aim to perform hair transplant operations on our patients in the safest way.

What Should Be Done Before Hair Transplant?

There are some issues that our patients should pay attention to have a safe hair transplant process. These recommendations, given to protect the safety and health of our patients, make both the operation and the recovery easier to complete. We can explain the points that our patients should pay attention to before hair transplant as follows:

  • If there is any medication that our patient uses regularly, he/she should inform our specialist about the names of these drugs and for which disease they are used.
  • Medications that may increase bleeding during the operation should be discontinued before hair transplant.
  • Patients should inform our specialists about previous operations, allergies, and chronic diseases.
  • If any lotion or medication is applied to the scalp, it should be discontinued 1 month before the operation.
  • Beverages containing caffeine such as coffee and tea should be avoided.
  • Our smoking patients should stop smoking 1 week before the operation, and if they cannot stop, they should reduce it as much as possible.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed 1 week before the operation.

Our patients, who are careful about these issues, are expected to have a problem-free procedure. We explain to our patients the information about what needs to be done before the Pure Line Clinic ® procedure.

What are the Benefits of Hair Transplant?

Lots of men and women face the problem of hair loss as they get older. For this reason, the benefits of hair transplant to the person are also wondered. One of the biggest advantages of hair transplant is that it provides long-term results. Transplantation to the area where the hair is sparse reveals a natural and healthy appearance. Compared to the success rate of other hair loss treatments, it is seen that hair transplant has a very high success rate.


In addition, while other treatments do not work in the later stages of hair loss, the transplant process can be applied to our patients at any stage of the problem. Extremely good results are obtained even in large-area hair loss. After the procedure, the hair that starts to grow in a healthy way does not have the problem of shedding again. In this way, a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss is achieved.

It is known that hair transplantation is also good for our patients psychologically. The self-confidence of our patients, who have new and healthy hair, increases visibly. We aim to make our patients who have lost their clinical self-confidence feel better with the hair transplant procedure.

How Safe Is Hair Transplant?

People who are considering hair transplants but do not have enough knowledge about the subject have some doubts about the reliability of the procedure. For this reason, Pure Line Clinic ® explains all the details of the procedure to our patients. Thus, our patients know what they will encounter during and after the procedure.


The most important issue in the reliability of hair transplantation is that the operation is carried out in a hygienic environment. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we offer our patients the reliability of the hospital environment. In this way, any infection in our patients is prevented during the procedure. Apart from the hygienic environment, another point that affects the reliability of the process is who will apply the process. As a Pure Line Clinic ®, we provide high-quality service to our patients with our experienced specialists. The success rate is always higher in hair transplant operations performed by a knowledgeable medical team.


It is possible to recommend hair transplants for those who prefer safe operations. Hair transplantation, which has a high success and low-risk rate, is a reliable solution to the hair loss problem of many people. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we are happy to share all kinds of information with our patients and gain their trust for years.

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