Can You Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant?

Can You Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant?


Hair transplantation can often be seen as a simple operation for people. For this reason, it is thought as if all problems will be solved after the hair transplant process. Things to consider after the hair transplant process are more critical than the hair transplant process.


Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and therefore many details should be considered after the operation. There are many factors to consider, from nutrition, sports activities, avoidance of bad habits, physical protection, and contact. Another question that comes to mind is whether it is possible to wear a hat after a hair transplant or not.

Healing Process of Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant operation, it is necessary to wait for a minimum of one week for the grafts to settle in their places. For the grafts to be fully seated, patients should live very carefully after the operation. There should be no contact with the area where we have hair transplants. Pressure on this area can compress the grafts. At the same time, it can shift their place and even remove the root. This causes root loss. It is very dangerous to wear the hat, which can partially cause these effects, after the procedure. Briefly, wearing a hat after a hair transplant can disrupt a successful hair transplant operation.


Especially during the first 48 hours, there should be no contact with the area where we are operating. To protect the hair transplant area, hats that do not touch the area can be worn with the knowledge and approval of your doctor. However, there must be a gap between the hat and the planting area. Also, the hat should never touch the planting area. Golf or safari hats can be given as an example at this point. However, our main advice is to never wear a hat.

Why Is It Inconvenient to Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant?

Many people who have hair transplantation usually want to hide this situation. Before the hair transplantation, the scalp is shaved. For this reason, a reddened area appears on the head after hair transplant. Naturally, people do not want to show this bad-looking area. In some hair transplantation techniques that we have preferred recently, the procedure can be performed without shaving the scalp. In this way, it is not necessary to use a hat. Therefore, there is no disturbing appearance when viewed from the outside. Since no channels are opened on the scalp in this method, conditions such as redness do not occur.

When to Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant?

When the grafts sit on the scalp and the roots are fixed, wearing a hat is not a problem after hair transplantation This process is completed in an average of one week to ten days. After that period, our patients can use hats comfortably. However, sometimes our doctors may decide that this time frame can be extended up to 3 weeks, depending on the situation. For this reason, it would be better for our patients to act according to the recommendations of our doctors. One of the main conditions for the positive results of our hair transplant treatment is to strictly follow the recommendations of our doctor.


Complying with the warnings of the doctors during and after the hair transplant process ensures that our hair transplant treatment will also result in a positive result. Ignored warnings can easily become noticeable after a few days. As a result of the examination of our doctors, the missing points can be understood very simply. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we help our patients to get through this process in the most comfortable way at every stage.


After hair transplantation, the skin with hair may swell. In fact, in the first few days, there may be minimal bleeding and crusting. During this time, our patients want to cover their scalps in order to hide the hair transplant. With this method, they can feel more comfortable. However, our surgeons advise not to attach anything to the scalp until the grafts are permanently fixed. For this reason, our doctors often recommend waiting 7 to 10 days. After 7 to 10 days, once the grafts are permanently attached, it becomes safer to wear a hat. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we give our patients all the important information in this process.

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