How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?


Turkey is one of the first countries that come to mind about hair transplantation all over the world. Hair transplant in Turkey attracts patients from dozens of countries around the world in the field of health tourism. In this article, we will discuss hair transplant prices in Turkey and why you should have a hair transplant in Turkey.

How Long Has a Hair Transplant Been Done in Turkey?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is a treatment method that has been applied for 20 years to end the hair loss problem. Hair transplantation is an operation that has been performed in Turkey since the early 1990s. Although the first experimental applications in the world date back to a long time ago, they started to be applied professionally in the 1990s, in Turkey, along with the whole world.


The widespread application of hair transplantation to people in the world and its application in Turkey are very close to each other. That’s why Turkey is one of the most experienced countries in hair transplant surgery. "Experience" can be said to be the keyword in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey.

Technical Competence and Hygiene


Turkey is one of the countries where many techniques in the world are applied in the field of hair transplantation. For example, the hair transplant technique with sapphire tips, which emerged very recently, can only be applied in Turkey and America.

On the other hand, painless anesthesia is applied in a significant part of the operations in Turkey. Moreover, Turkey stands out in hair transplant with the use of special solutions for storing hair during the operation and fully equipped surgical intervention possibilities.

Experienced Specialists and Comfortable Clinics in Turkey

This experience naturally brought more successful results, as hair transplantation practices in Turkey were more and more performed in the field of application rather than the experimental plan. The number of operations performed increasing every year ensures the consolidation of the success in this field. According to official data, more than 500 thousand people come to Turkey for hair transplantation every year. In the field of hair transplantation, India and the United States of America stand out like other important countries besides Turkey.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

Hair transplant prices in Turkey are determined after deciding how many grafts the patient needs. In this context, Turkey, which offers world-class services in hair transplant treatments, also stands out with its advantageous prices. Hair transplant prices in Turkey can start from 2000 Euros and go up to 3000 Euros. Of course, you can find clinics below these prices, but this research is valid for quality clinics that serve high standards.


Hair transplantation prices also vary according to the hair transplantation method to be applied. For these reasons, it is not possible to determine a single price for a hair transplant operation. For example, the FUE technique, which is a time-consuming and challenging technique, is more expensive than the FUT technique. However, although the FUE technique is more expensive, it is preferred because it offers a shorter recovery time.

What Should You Consider While Researching a Hair Transplant Center in Turkey?


There are many criteria such as the doctors doing the hair transplant, the conditions of the clinic, the medical materials used in the hair transplant operation in the hair transplant price tariffs determined by the hair transplant hospitals.


Hair transplant centers in Turkey also offer different and advantageous packages to patients coming from abroad. According to the conditions of the hospital, you will agree with, you can get advantageous offers to cover your flight ticket, accommodation fee, and hair transplant treatment.

What are the Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey?

Turkey follows the constantly developing techniques in hair transplantation and applies all modern hair transplantation methods applied all over the world. Today, FUE Technique and DHI Technique are the most frequently applied hair transplantation methods in Turkey. When your hair is transplanted with the right technique, it will not be difficult to achieve the result you want. Your doctor, whom you will meet in Turkey, will advise you on which of these techniques will be applied according to your mental structure. If you want to continue, the process starts.

Why Should You Choose Turkey?


Turkey has recently become one of the world's leading countries in health tourism and hair transplantation. Both the experience of the doctors and the technologies they use and the fact that the procedures are more economical than in other countries play a major role in this. In addition, Istanbul is a beautiful city that should be seen in terms of history, culture, and tourism. Without wasting any more time, you can choose Turkey for both your holiday and your hair transplant. For more information, you can get detailed information by contacting us.

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss


While the problem of hair loss affects physical appearance, it also causes loss of self-confidence and psychological problems. The problem of self-confidence, which starts with the symptoms of introversion and shyness, can affect all areas of our lives by causing other communication problems.

In addition, healthy hair has become a way to look attractive and strong to the opposite sex today. Therefore, hair loss, especially in recent years, causes a loss of self-confidence and some psychological problems.

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