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    Hair Transplantation

    Age, environmental factors, medications, or genetic factors can cause hair thinning or baldness. The hair loss problem, the incidence of which is increasing day by day in men and women, affects…

Hair Transplantation

Age, environmental factors, medications, or genetic factors can cause hair thinning or baldness. The hair loss problem, the incidence of which is increasing day by day in men and women, affects the daily lives of people negatively. At this point, hair transplant treatments offer permanent solutions to people's hair problems. Hair transplantation is the process of implanting hair follicles obtained from certain donor areas to the places where hair loss is seen. Hair transplantation, which is increasing day by day, can be applied in different methods. Pure Line Clinic ®, one of the leading names in hair transplantation, can provide you with the hair of your dreams with its expert surgeons and state-of-the-art devices.

What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring healthy hair follicles to areas with hair thinning or baldness. Hair follicles implanted in these areas are fed by the scalp. Hair transplantation is the most advanced medical treatment for people with weakened hair follicles. Depending on the method applied, patients begin to have new hair within a few months. At the end of one year, you will have natural-looking, lively and shiny hair.


Hair transplantation applications are performed under local anesthesia and the feeling of pain is minimized. After the procedure, patients do not need to stay in the hospital and can continue their daily lives.


Hair transplant treatment should be a personalized treatment. First, the appropriate donor area for graft removal should be determined. After that, the number of grafts should be determined. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we perform a maximum of 5000 graft transfers in a single application. Pure Line Clinic ® does not apply transplantation treatment exceeding 5000 grafts. If the area where hair loss is seen is larger, hair transplantation is spread over two sessions.Hair transplantation treatments should be applied by specialist physicians.

What is the FUE Method?

Follicle Unit Extraction, with its full name, is the process of taking the person's healthy hair follicles from the donor area and transferring them to the area with hair loss. With the help of a hollow needle known as a punch, healthy hair follicles are removed from the donor area. Donor sites are usually the nape, around the ears, and the sides of the head.


Extracted hair follicles, also known as grafts, are carefully prepared and implanted into bald areas. At this point, the importance of the punch tool comes into play. Unlike other methods, grafts obtained by punches are more resistant to DHT hormone, which causes hair loss. In this way, after the treatment, it is ensured that the hair follicles are attached and people have natural-looking hair. Before the treatment, the hair must be shaved so that the hair follicles can be seen and the grafts can be implanted correctly.


Within 10 days, the areas where the grafts are taken begin to heal slowly. Hair loss may occur due to the attachment of the transplanted hair follicles in the first two months. There should be no worries at this point. Natural hair with a healthy appearance grows between 6 and 12 months. The FUE method is also extremely effective in areas with complete baldness.

What is the DHI Method?

DHI Method, which offers a painless and short-term hair transplant treatment, is a hair transplant treatment applied with the Choi implanter device. It consists of implanting hair follicles (graft removal) obtained from a donor area such as the back of the head with the Choi device to the area where hair loss is seen. It is a method developed based on the FUE method.


People with long hair generally prefer the DHI technique because it is a hair transplant method that does not require shaving the head completely. In the DHI method, small incisions are not made on the scalp. This speeds up the healing process. It is an application with a higher cost compared to other application methods.

Who Can Be Applied to Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair transplant treatment is a completely reliable application if it is applied in the right conditions and a sterile environment. Pure Line Clinic ® focuses on both treatment success and patient satisfaction by displaying a professional approach during all procedures. Hair transplantation is a method that can be applied to every adult woman and man who is deemed appropriate after the general health profile of the patient is evaluated.

Before treatment, some blood tests are requested.Your health and being a suitable candidate for hair transplantation is one of the most important criteria of Pure Line Clinic ®.

Why Should You Prefer Pure Line Clinic for Hair Transplant Treatment?

Pure Line Clinic ® is one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Turkey with its expert staff and successful results. It has a working principle that provides all necessary services to its patients by performing procedures on a certain number of patients every day. Hair transplant consultants, who take special care of each patient, enlighten the patients with all the details before the hair transplant procedures.


Before the procedure, a personalized treatment protocol is determined with the online hair transplant consultancy provided especially for patients in the city or abroad. In this way, patients will have information about all the steps and fees before the procedure.


As Pure Line Clinic ®, we pay attention to the use of high-quality and state-of-the-art equipment in hair transplantation, which is a medical procedure. The procedures are carried out in contracted private hospitals or health centers, and all necessary sterilization is provided.


After the treatment, the counseling service offered to the patients continues. In this way, necessary information is given to the patients before and after the treatment. Thanks to the application of the right method, Pure Line Clinic ® brings successful and permanent solutions to hair problems. Work with Pure Line Clinic ® and bring a permanent solution to your hair loss with professional hair transplantation!

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