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Hair thinning and hair loss rate is much higher nowadays. It causes anxiety, low self-esteem, and stress to the person because they receive relatively little social acceptance. So, the person looks for all possible ways to correct what’s lost.

So making the right choice for a hair transplant will save you from devastating consequences. You don’t want unnatural-looking hair follicles, loss of growth, or damage to the scalp. DHI hair transplant is a well-known technique for hair transplantation.

It is considered the most advanced technology that is painless and effective. It stands for Direct Hair Transplantation.

At Pure Line Clinic ®, we effectively measure hair loss and plan out the best possible options. We are dedicated to providing a service that gives you the results you desire and dream about. With the help of our DHI hair transplantation experts and surgeons, this is increasingly possible.

What is DHI Hair Transplant Method ?

Some describe it as the most modern method in the hair transplantation field; some state there is no procedure which is called DHI, others guarantee that it is only a marketing trick to impress clients, while in reality, it is the FUE technique with implanters.

Unlike FUE, during the DHI implantation technique, site creation and graft transplantation are performed simultaneously. For example, extraction and implantation are joined as a couple of step processes, installing the removed hair follicles straightforwardly into the receipt area without diverting the entry points in the donor area by using an implanter (Choi) pen that includes an empty needle associated with a tub and plunger. This is the reason the DHI treatment is also called the Choi method.

Here is the procedure of DHI Hair Transplant:

●      A Choi implanter implemented this hair transplant procedure, also called DHI Pen. The specialized surgeons harvest the grafts from the donor site and transfer them to Choi or DHI Pen.

●      Surgeons then position the grafts at the end of the Implanter pen. This whole process was carried out gently with accuracy.

●      Then the needle is inserted into the scalp accurately, at an angle of 40-45 degrees by the surgeon. The incision site was already prepared, and the graft was injected down with the help of a plunger.

●      Currently, 5 to 10 Choi Implanters vary according to need or hair loss. The device has multiple needle sizes to fit in follicular unit grafts.

●      Length of Surgery

At the Pure Line Clinic ®, the professionals are highly efficient but don’t rush to ensure accuracy and precision of implementation. The whole process usually takes 6 to 8 hours in one sitting.


When it comes to a comparison between the two techniques, we found similarities and differences.


●      Both methods collect hair from grafts with micromotors from the donor area.

●      Both patients get same minimal scars.


In the FUE hair transplant method, hair channels are opened to make holes for implanting grafts. Small cutters drill the respective area to make the implant possible. They were then inserting hair grafts into open canals where hair needs to be transplanted.

While in the DHI transplant method, there is no need to open channels. Because collected hair grafts are ready to be implanted into the recipient area, the small needle-like pens are used in this method called Choi. With the help of Choi, hair channels are opened and closed simultaneously.

Advantages of DHI Technique

- Fewer Chances of Space Loss:

DHI Hair Transplant has the lowest chance of space loss, which means incisions grafted completely. It is 100% assured that every hair hole contains grafted hair follicles. So, it makes it easier to do various densities in the best possible way.


This is the device that makes this method superior to others. The hair implanting device is called a DHI pen or Choi, and it makes the whole process smoother. It opens canals effectively without damaging natural hair.

- Faster Healing:

 It is pretty easier to achieve healing with the DHI hair transplant method. Patients don't suffer from a severe injury because the incision makes holes that are never more significant than the grafts. Moreover, there are almost no chances of cuts or scratches on the hair. Thus, it requires a short period for healing completely.

- Most Natural Looking Hair:

DHI hair transplant is the latest hair grafting technique because it never disappoints you. Unlike other traditional methods, it gives the most natural-looking hair.

Surprisingly, the dimension of every hair easily relates to straight hair comfortably. Therefore, your scalp is fuller and more natural-looking.

- Minimal Scars:

DHI hair transplant doesn’t drill holes in your scalp to implant hair grafts. So, the chances of getting scars are almost zero in this treatment.

- No Need to Stay at Home:

Another big reason for a patient going for the DHI hair transplant method is that once you are done with surgery, you need not stay home with a swollen head or face to wait for recovery. Once the process is done, you can quickly move to your work and other crucial activities. This benefit also makes DHI superior to other transplant methods.

- Less refining of hair:

The DHI method allows surgeons to implant hair without cutting them.

Disadvantages of DHI Technique

Nothing is perfect, and so every method has some limitations associated with it.

- This technique is not easy to handle, and staff needs to be trained appropriately over long periods.

- The best never comes easy as it's generally a costly method compared to other hair transplantation techniques.

- It requires a keen eye and attention during the procedure. Surgeons cannot relax during this procedure.

- It is not recommended to transplant more than 2500 grafts in a single session.

Bottom Line

Our specialists at Pure Line Clinic ® are explicitly trained for the DHI transplant procedure. They stand upright until the process is done. Although, three would be examiners who keep in check regularly about the proceeding.

Choi hair implantation is the most advanced technology to regrow your hair. If it satisfies your personality, then a little cost wouldn’t matter. You will get guaranteed results at Pure Line Clinic ® with complete guidance and consultation. This is a lifetime opportunity you must avail yourself of. For further information and details on the DHI Method, you can contact us or email us; our professionals will entertain you as earlier as possible.

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