Floyd Mayweather Hair Transplant

Floyd Mayweather Hair Transplant


Baldness is a usual hair problem all over the world. It is common for people to shave their hair due to regional loss of hair follicles or severe thinning of their hair. At this point, hair-strengthening procedures or hair transplantation methods are applied.


Floyd Mayweather is one of the names that completely changed his appearance with hair transplantation. Fans of the famous boxer noticed the change in Mayweather and searched for the reason behind the boxer's hair change. It has been learned that the famous boxer had a hair transplant with the FUE method, the full name of the follicular unit extraction method.

Who is Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather is an American professional boxer. He has achieved many successes in his boxing career, which started in 1996. The boxer, who fought regularly until 2015, appeared on the screen again in 2017 with a single boxing match. Born in 1977, the boxer's baldness for years is one of the characteristics he identified with. In the past years, the sudden change in his image did not go unnoticed and it brought to mind that he had a hair transplant.

The appearance of the famous boxer with bushy and curly hair at an invitation he attended years later surprised everyone. Mayweather continues to appear in front of the screens with his bushy hair in recent years.

Which Hair Transplant Method Did Floyd Mayweather Prefer?

It has been learned that the famous boxer had a hair transplant with the FUE hair transplant method. FUE hair transplant is an effective method that allows people to have natural hair in 1-2 years, applied under local anesthesia. The fact that Floyd Mayweather has thick hair in a short time and the hairline is extremely prominent proves that he had the FUE hair transplant. For years, the bald style has been replaced by the number 5 shaved hairstyle, which has changed the style of the famous boxer.

What are the Advantages of the FUE Method?

The FUE method is one of the most popular hair transplant methods in recent years. It is an application that does not feel pain since it is performed under local anesthesia. This increases the preferability of the application. After a few hours of operation, the hair follicles taken from the person are transferred to the area with the baldness problem. In the treatment, approximately 5000 grafts are transferred in a single session. In this way, hair follicle transfer is provided to the ​​bald part or, if it is a large area, to most parts of it with a single session.


In the FUE method, unlike the old hair transplant methods, no incisions are made on the scalp. In this way, no stitches are required after the hair transplant. Patients can easily return to their daily lives after the operation. No scars are left in the treated areas as no stitches are applied and no serious incisions are made. After the application, temporary redness may occur on the scalp, but within a few weeks, this situation will disappear completely.


Hair follicles are carefully removed from the area where the roots are supplied. In this way, hair sparseness does not occur in the donor area. With the growth of hair, patients have a perfect hair structure as if they had never had a baldness problem before.

As Pure Line Clinic, we work diligently to ensure the successful outcome seen in Floyd Mayweather in all our patients. By working with physicians who are experts in their fields, we ensure that the grafts are transferred without any damage. After the graft is taken, necessary examinations are made and quality hair follicles are transferred to the bald areas. Pure Line Clinic, one of Turkey's leading clinics, gives you the hair of your dreams.

How Does the Process Progress After Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplantation shows its effect in a short time. Within 1 month after the application, the transplanted hair follicles are shed. Within 3 months, new hair follicles grow and healthy hair strands begin to grow. By the end of sixth month, there is a visible improvement in the hair structure of the people.


With the right care recommendations made by Pure Line Clinic doctors, the hair continues to grow healthily. In one or two years, people get bushy and voluminous hair. The FUE hair transplant method is a permanent application. After the application, hair loss is not seen in the areas where hair transplantation is performed.


Since the patient's own hair follicles are used in the FUE hair transplant method, the hair that grows out is in the natural hair structure and color of the person. People with very common baldness problems may need to be transplanted again after one year. However, except for some special cases, successful results are usually achieved with a single session.

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