David Beckham Hair Transplant

David Beckham Hair Transplant


Former English football player Beckham came to the fore with "David Beckham hair transplant" practices. David Beckham was on the agenda with his physique, style of clothing, and hairstyle rather than the football he played. That's why he appeared in some hair commercials as well as modeling for various brands. However, David Beckham became one of the celebrities who experienced hair loss problems very early. In this process, he managed to not show the thinning problem in his hair by applying different hairstyles.


When we compare the old photos of the famous football player with the photos of today, the positive change in the hair condition is the first thing that stands out. Over time, the thinning of David Beckham's hair increased. This situation brought to mind the question of whether the Beckham applied an effective treatment for hair loss or hair transplantation.

Did David Beckham Have Hair Transplant?

According to the news of the Sun newspaper, David Beckham had a hair transplant. It is estimated that the former star football player, who generally prefers short hairstyles, prefers the FUE hair transplant method. Because, scarring occurs in the donor area, especially in the FUT hair transplant method. This scar can be very noticeable and sometimes disturbing, especially in short hairstyles.


There is no such problem in the FUE method. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted to bald areas. If the operation is successful and the hair loss type is male-type starvation, extremely successful results can be obtained. If the balding area is small, the probability of successful results in such cases increases.David Beckham Before and After Hair Transplant

When Did David Beckham Lose His Hair?

It is not the first time that David Beckham hair transplant and his hairstyle come to the fore. It is known that the former football player has had a thinning problem in his hair since the late 20s. However, he manages to close this problem with successful hairdressing procedures and various hairstyles. Even at that time, the term “Beckham hairstyle” was settled by hairdressers.


According to the news in the British media, David Beckham tried many methods such as medical treatment, mesotherapy, and laser application until he applied for hair transplantation. It is not surprising that the writers, who closely followed the famous football player, noticed this detail. Because unlike ordinary people and football spectators, the pressmen, who always followed David Beckham, took his photos and recorded the changes he experienced over time.

What Precautions Did He Take Against Hair Loss?

Reporters followed Beckham everywhere he went, even after he quit football, and described the change as the clearest witness of the change in Beckham's hair. England is a country where there are clinics that specialize in hair loss and male aesthetics. Moreover, in England, men who have had a good financial situation in recent years give importance to their appearance at least as much as women. To look younger, more attractive, and fitter, most men resort to plastic surgery treatments for problematic areas. Many men use anti-aging cosmetics.


England, along with America, is one of the countries where the most medical products are sold as the solution to the hair loss problem. The fact that David Beckham hair transplant was on the agenda also affected him. David Beckham's doctors slowed down the progress of hair loss with medical treatments and enabled a healthier hair transplant with early intervention.

David Beckham Hair Loss Type

David Beckham hair loss type appears to be compatible with DPA, known as Diffuse Patterned Alopecia from the outside. DPA type hair loss is androgenetic. However, it is a form of alopecia that is characterized by total hair loss in both the frontal and vertex regions, rather than the hair loss starting from the front. In cases with DPA problems, the response to FDA-approved medical treatments is generally positive.


Hair loss is a very complex process. Early diagnosis of the problem is of great importance for correct and effective treatment. In this way, the progression of hair loss can be slowed down with effective and tolerable treatments. Since David Beckham faced the issue of hair transplantation and hair problem at a very young age, he managed this process well and applied many effective treatment methods, including medical treatments.

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