Antonio Conte Hair Transplant

Antonio Conte Hair Transplant


The once successful football player and now the famous coach Antonio Conte is well-known by many football fans for his long hair and colorful eyes. Conte is an Italian origin and he continues his life as the manager of the Tottenham team. Conte, who has been in front of the screen for years with his long hair, has lost his hairline with the advancement of his age and thinning has occurred in the front of his hair. This situation caused Antonio Conte to resort to hair transplant treatments. With the changes in his hair, Conte appears in front of the screens with his long hair today. The hairstyle, which is the same as in his youth, made the famous coach rejuvenate.

Change in Antonio Conte's Hair

Known for his handsomeness and auburn hair in 1988, Conte changed his hairstyle involuntarily as the years passed. While he did not make any changes in his hairstyle until the early 2000s, he started to shave his hair completely in 2007 with hair loss. After appearing bald on screens for several years, he surprised those who saw the sudden change in 2020. The famous coach, who appeared on the screens with his bushy and long hair as in his youth, revealed the effectiveness of hair transplant treatment.

Antonio Conte Before & After Hair Transplant

Importance of Application in Hair Transplant Treatment

Antonio Conte has undergone two hair transplant treatments. In the early 2000s, there was a hair transplant treatment, but due to the insufficiently developed technology of that period, the transplanted hair fell out again. Because of this situation, Conte had to completely shave his hair six years after the hair transplant. After years, hair transplant technology has developed and thousands of successful results have begun to be seen. This situation led the famous director to apply for hair transplant treatment again. This time, he tried the FUE hair transplant method and achieved successful results.

In the FUE method, the hair follicles taken from the person are transferred to the balding scalp. No pain is felt during the procedure performed under local anesthesia. Since no incision is made during the procedure, there is no need for stitches after the procedure. In this way, no traces are left on the scalp after the procedure. Within a week or ten days, the redness of the hair follicles goes away.


In the treatment of FUE hair transplant, people's own hair follicles are used. Generally, hair follicles are taken from the area between the two ears in the nape region. These roots are strong and can hold in the area where they are planted after treatment. Since the patient's hair follicles are used in the FUE hair transplant technique, people continue to have their own hair structure after the treatment. Conte, who achieved success with this procedure, regained his old hair after the hair transplant process.


The success rate in hair transplant treatments is related to the type of treatment as well as where the hair transplant is applied. Correct removal of hair follicles, also known as grafts, and the correct implementation of the transfer directly affect the success of the treatment. Therefore, hair transplantation should be done by a professional clinic in a sterilized environment.


Antonio Conte worked with an expert team in the field of hair transplant and achieved a happy result. Pure Line Clinic ® is one of the clinics known for its success in Turkey. As Pure Line Clinic ®, we bring permanent and effective solutions to your baldness problem with our specialist physicians. During the preliminary interview with you, we examine the suitability of your hair structure for the FUE method and inform you about the process.

After choosing us for the hair transplant operation, we welcome you to our modern and hygienic clinic and perform the hair transplant in a professional environment. In this way, we provide you with the specialist physicians and a sterile environment you need. Pure Line Clinic ® works diligently and carefully on all steps during the hair transplant process. We provide permanent and successful results to our patients.

Does the Hair Fall Out Again After the FUE Hair Transplant Method?

The grafts planted during the FUE method are poured in the first month of the treatment. This is part of the treatment and there is no need to worry. Within 3 to 4 months, the hair follicles become visible again and the hair begins to grow. With the sixth month, the result of the treatment becomes visibly evident. Within 1-2 years after the treatment, people regain their lush and natural hair.


After this stage, hair loss is not seen in the area where a hair transplant is performed. The FUE method is a powerful treatment that offers a permanent solution to the problem of baldness. Clinics specializing in hair treatments such as Pure Line Clinic ® generally prefer the FUE hair transplant method as a hair transplantation method.

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