James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant


Baldness is a problem based on hair loss that every adult woman and man can experience. Hair loss is usually characterized by deterioration of the hairline. Due to hair loss, people may have negative feelings about their appearance. In particular, many famous names are uncomfortable seeing their bald hair.

One of these names is James Nesbitt. The successful actor, unlike other famous names, did not hide that he had a hair transplant and appeared in front of the screens as the advertising face of the clinic where he had a hair transplant in recent months. Nesbitt explained the hair transplant process in the published YouTube videos and talked about his satisfaction. Nesbitt's successful hair transplant proves the effectiveness of hair transplantation.

Who is James Nesbitt?

James Nesbitt, born 15 January 1965, is a Northern Irish actor. The actor, who made his name known to the world with the movie “Matching Jack”, also took part in the movie “The Hobbit”. The famous actor has increased his awareness with the big change he experienced in 2007. The sudden change in hair structure of the Nesbitt attracted the attention of his fans and the fact that Nesbitt returned to his youth in a short time attracted their attention.

The hair transplant advertisements in which the famous actor took part proved that he had a hair transplant. Nesbitt, describing the process he experienced and talking about his satisfaction, inspired many people with baldness problems.

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant Process and His Career

Nesbitt had his first hair transplant in 2007, then a second transplant 4 years later, leaving the baldness problem behind completely. The actor, who has faced the problem of hair loss since his 20s, continues his life with healthy and strong hair. The famous actor emphasizes the importance of working with a professional clinic in his advertisements.

Working with specialist centers in hair transplant, such as Pure Line Clinic ® in Turkey, positively affects the result of hair transplants. Working with the right applications and quality equipment is the golden rule in hair transplantation, and Pure Line Clinic ® offers superior service at every moment of your hair transplant process.

Fans talk about the change in James Nesbitt after the hair transplant. The psychology of Nesbitt, who started to lose his intensely curly hair, is adversely affected due to hair loss. He talks about how unhappy it is to see a lot of shed hair on the pillow every morning when he wakes up from a TV show he attends. During this period, the light in the roles of the famous actor on the screens is also negatively affected. After the hair transplant, the actor regains his hair as he starts to regain his old hair.


The baldness problem or hair thinning can negatively affect not only James Nesbitt, but also many people who are struggling with this problem. Seeing the change in hair structure every time you look in the mirror can affect people's psychology negatively. In some cases, people may even tend towards depression due to hair loss.

Since hair transplant allows people to have healthy and natural-looking hair, it leaves all these negative feelings behind. After the hair transplant, people regain their hair and increase their motivation in their daily life. The baldness problem, which can cause a lack of self-confidence when entering society, can also negatively affect social relations. Hair transplant allows people to regain the self-confidence that they tend to lose and to socialize with peace of mind.

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Hair transplant methods include methods such as follicular unit transplant (FUT) or direct hair transplant (DHI). FUT is less preferred today because it is a hair transplant method that requires an incision and a longer recovery period. DHI, on the other hand, is an emerging application and has higher application prices. Compared to these two methods, the FUE method is preferred as it is effortless and more affordable than the DHI method.

The FUE hair transplant method is an application that is applied under local anesthesia and does not feel much pain during the procedure. Since the incision is not opened during the application, it is not necessary to suture after the procedure. Within two weeks, the scalp will heal. Within a year and a half after the application, patients regain the hair of their dreams. Pure Line Clinic ®, as a clinic specializing in the FUE method, gives you a professional hair transplant process.

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