Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant

Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant


Whether you are an ordinary citizen or a very popular celebrity, you may face a hair loss problem. Gordon Ramsay is one of the worldwide-known chefs with his idiosyncrasy style, dominant character, and delicious food. Gordon Ramsay hair transplant has also become a popular topic in recent years. For this reason, in this article, we analyze Gordon Ramsay hair transplant, his hair structure, and what kind of hair transplant he had.

Why did Gordon Ramsay have a hair transplant?

This Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay, who owns more than 30 restaurants around the world, is watched by millions of people with his programs such as “Hell's Kitchen”, “Master Chef” and Kitchen Nightmares. His stressful and busy work life, along with the responsibility of being a television star, negatively affected his hair. In order not to look older due to hair loss that started in the middle ages, Ramsay decided to have a hair transplant. in this way, he would present his programs with more confidence and have a strong physical appearance.


With the Gordon Ramsay hair transplant, a visible change in his hair occurred in a short time. Apart from hair transplantation, Ramsay has constantly improved himself by making some cosmetic changes such as hair color, haircut, and facelift. Ramsay succeeds to become a popular face on the screens with his hhairstylethat is identified with him.

Gordon Ramsay Hair Loss Type

Gordon Ramsay hair loss can be defined as male pattern hair loss. Despite regular hair washing and hair care, unfortunately, many men may face male pattern hair loss due to genetic factors. Ramsay, also known as "Seven Star", was not at all happy about losing his hair. For this reason, he decided to have a hair transplant when his hair loss increased.

Since Gordon Ramsay has long hair and a messy hairstyle, the sparseness of his hair was not noticed at first. Later, it turned out that her hair was completely thin and her hair density was quite low.

Gordon Ramsay Before and After

Which Hair Transplant Method did Gordon Ramsay Prefer?

Gordon Ramsay performed the hair transplant with the FUE (Follicular Unique Extraction) technique. In this way, he had a younger and presentable physical appearance. FUE hair transplantation technique is one of the most applied hair transplantation techniques with the highest satisfaction rate.

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant?

With the FUE Hair transplant technique, the hair to be transplanted is collected from the donor area at the back of the patient's head and transferred to the bald areas. The number of grafts is determined according to the rate of hair loss on the head. If you want to have the most natural hair, you can choose the FUE hair transplant method with a good doctor and clinic selection.


Many famous names, such as Gordon Ramsay, prefer the FUE method when transplanting hair. If we talk briefly about the advantages of FUE hair transplantation, we can say that:

  • It is an advanced hair transplantation technique that gives natural-looking results.
  • Since the cuts opened on the head during the operation are very small, it is very unlikely that there will be a scar.
  • Since it is a risk-free, 1 or 2-session procedure, it is a fast hair transplant technique.
  • Pain and numbness are not felt during and after the operation.
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