Andros Townsend Hair Transplant

Andros Townsend Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is one of the treatments applied by many famous names in the football community. Celebrities who are faced with baldness problems surprise their fans by having hair transplants to regain their hair. One of the famous football players who had a hair transplant is Andros Townsend. The successful football player is one of the celebrities who show us every stage of hair transplantation.


Townsend, who was known for his hairline and bushy hair structure in the first years of his football life, started to lose his strong hair over time. In 2017, with his short hair and re-defined hairline, question marks arose about the fact that he had a hair transplant. It has been proven that the famous actor had a hair transplant with his hair getting thicker over the years. Townsend, who continues his football life with his long and full hair, is one of the examples that prove how successful a hair transplant process is.

Who is Andros Townsend?

Andros Townsend is a football player at Everton, one of the Premier League teams. He was born in 1991 in London, England. The famous football player of English descent has been playing football professionally since 2009. His goal against Manchester City in 2018 was selected as the Premier League's goal of the season. Townsend, who has millions of fans around the world, draws attention with his style that is always in sight.


While the successful player drew attention with his long hair, he appeared in front of the screens with the number 3 shaved hair for a period. Townsend, who had hair loss at a young age, regained his hair in his twenties with a hair transplant. This change has revealed that the famous football player had a hair transplant.

The success of his hair transplant treatments is cannot be ignored. In particular, clinics specializing in hair transplant such as Pure Line Clinic ® provide permanent solutions to the baldness problem. Pure Line Clinic ®, which includes methods with proven effectiveness in hair transplantation, especially the FUE method, performs numerous hair transplants with successful results like Andros Townsend.

Which Hair Transplant Method Did Andros Townsend Prefer?

When Andros Townsend's change is followed, it is thought that the famous name applied to the FUE hair transplant method. This method, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, is the most applied hair transplant method today. FUE, whose effectiveness has been proven, provides a permanent solution to the baldness problem or hair thinning. Hair follicles taken from donor areas where hair follicles are strong are implanted in the bald area.


The hair follicles obtained, in other words, grafts, are removed and the transplantation process is performed one by one. The nape of the neck between the two ears is generally used as the donor area. If there is not enough graft, it can be used as a graft for hair in other parts of the body. Professional clinics such as Pure Line Clinic ®  work diligently to ensure that each graft is used efficiently.


The number of grafts that can be transplanted in a single session varies from person to person. Since Townsend's baldness problem is at certain points, it is thought that the desired result is achieved with a single-session transplant. Between 3500 and 7000 grafts can be transplanted in one application. At this point, a professional approach is extremely important.

Pure Line Clinic ® provides an average of 5000 grafts in a single session. In this way, it is aimed to hold each root planted in the new region. The scalp can nourish the new roots at a certain level. Therefore, the full treatment of people with more or more widespread hair loss compared to Townsend can be spread over two sessions.

Andros Townsend's Hair Transplant

It is a clear fact that the hair transplant of the famous football player was successful. Townsend, who has been in front of the screens with his long hair in the last 4 years, is never faced with the baldness problem again. The prominent hairline and natural-looking hair show that a successful FUE application has been made. It is a visible fact that there is denser hair even in areas where there is no hair loss compared to the youth years. The renewed and healed scalp continues to produce healthy hair, making the hair look more voluminous and strong.

Andros Townsend's Before and After


Andros Townsend's hairline, which began to appear as an "M" before the hair transplant, turned into a straight and distinct line after the hair transplant procedure. Having a hairline and healthy hair appearance again in a short period of one year proves the success of the treatment once again.

Advantages of the FUE Method in Hair Transplant

Hair transplant methods include methods such as follicular unit transplant (FUT) or direct hair transplant (DHI). FUT is less preferred today because it is a hair transplant method that requires an incision and a longer recovery period. DHI, on the other hand, is an emerging application and has higher application prices. Compared to these two methods, the FUE method is preferred as it is effortless and more affordable than the DHI method.


The FUE hair transplant method is an application that is applied under local anesthesia and does not feel pain during the procedure. Since the incision is not opened during the application, it is not necessary to suture after the procedure. Within two weeks, the scalp will heal. Within a year and a half after the application, patients regain the hair of their dreams. Pure Line Clinic ®, as a clinic specializing in the FUE method, gives you a professional hair transplant process.

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